Professional Engineering and Consulting Services

Economic Development, Natural Resources and Renewable Energy.

Our vision at EMF Technical Services is to serve our clients needs by providing innovative, cost effective engineering solutions while ensuring quality, safety and schedule objectives are met in an environmentally responsible manner.

EMF Technical Services Inc. is an engineering consulting firm whose principals and associates are experienced in:

  • Electrical and control systems design, including PLC programming
  • Electrical power generation and distribution
  • Cogeneration facility proposal development and economic analysis.
  • Alternative energy technologies
  • All phases of engineering design, construction, commissioning, trouble shooting and optimization
  • Design and construction of oil and gas pipelines, compressor stations, pump stations, processing facilities
  • Existing facility upgrades/retrofits

Sustainable Development, Solar Energy and Electrical Engineering.

The principals and associates of EMF have experience in bringing creative engineering solutions to industrial customers to enhance corporate profitability and best meet environmental standards. For example, we can assist in turning a flare gas environmental problem into a revenue generating profit center, while simultaneously eliminating unacceptable hazardous emissions. EMF has strong experience in large and small power applications to best fit your needs, including alternative energy technologies. The EMF acronym is derived from the well known electrical term, Electromotive Force.

Systems Engineering, Energy Sources and Energy Storage.

We have extensive experience through all stages of project development, engineering design and construction management. This has allowed us to form a team of technical professionals who are dedicated and proficient at providing quality service to our clients with the least amount of overhead.

Our Engineering and Design Services:

Project Scoping and Economic Analysis

Project Management

Electrical Engineering

Instrumentation and Controls Engineering

Mechanical / Civil / Process Engineering

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