About Us

EMF Technical Services Inc. has developed a team of skilled professionals led by a core group of engineers, technologists and designers.

We have also developed an additional pool of engineers, inspectors, technologists and design drafters that we utilize for peak work periods and specific assignments. Included are technical specialists we draw on for certain specialized applications to ensure that all of the clients’ needs are best met. For example, in specialist areas such as failure analysis, corrosion engineering, metallurgy, rotating machinery, very large drives, process engineering, extra-high voltage, etc. Resumes of our core group of engineers, technicians and designers, are available on request.

Our Vision

Our vision at EMF Technical Services Inc. is to serve our clients needs by providing innovative, cost effective engineering solutions while ensuring quality, safety and schedule objectives are met in an environmentally responsible manner. This is what drives our business and what’s unique about our┬áprocess. This is what’s distinct and interesting about our business that sets us apart from others in the same industry. Prospective customers can contact us by phone or email to request a quote or peruse your business needs.

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